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Various information on Aug – 2018 activity

Various Information – monthly activity

  • Booking an appointment through and

The response has been excellent and request all of you to use this facility effectively.  Now, through our website , you can book an appointment for Mr. Harihar Rao and Raja for any kind of discussions on services or investments.  Very few of our investors still insisting on the old way of fixing up appointments and we assure you that this is the better system where we can avoid lot of communication, either through e mail or telephone calls.  Those who are restraining from using this feature, may lose out in achieving their financial goals.

  • Mobile app for both winrich and Wawya

Extremely successful mob app.  Lot of investors have started using this app for investing in liquid funds.  Extremely easy to use.  Best of all these, you earn returns even on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays also.  No other fund has NAV on holidays.  If anybody has not used it effectively and still needs training, please let us know, so that we can depute our people to meet you.  This is also working with I phone also.

  • Getting associated with a new company

We will be getting associated with a new company who specialize only on compliance of income tax, GST, company formations etc.  Our thinking of associating with this company is that, the compliance awareness of various tax laws is extremely low, and we always look for some loop holes not to pay tax.  As discussed with most of you, this is going to very critical in future.  Each one of us should aware of basic tax laws and depending entirely on auditors will not work in future.  Even income tax is taking an undertaking from all us, that the filing has been done by us instead of auditors.  We will start doing programs for increasing the awareness of compliance.

  • Teen CEOs

Still the awareness of educating the child on money matters is worrisome.  In most of the meetings, when we inform them that this program is getting organized, they always say their child has tuition on math, science, etc.  The parents must understand that financial program for children is extremely important and critical.  Even if they miss one math tuition, it is ok.  Keep educating them on finance also.  They will create less noise on money matters in future.  Please register your name, mobile number and e mail id and these guys will be in touch with you, whenever there is a program in your area.

  • Direct Equity

Numbers of investors have opened their demat account and fixed up SIPs in stocks.  It is going to benefit them in future tremendously since they start losing their fear of direct equity and portfolio diversification apart from mutual funds.  In future, it will be on profit sharing basis.

  • Estate Planning

Whenever possible, we have been talking about of estate planning, where you start protecting your wealth from unwanted claims in future.  In case, you have not thought about it, please let us know, so that we can take it forward.

  • Portfolio review

We have been getting request for portfolio review.  Kindly note that all the mutual funds have changed the profile on 1st July this year to fall in line with new SEBI regulation.  We will know the performance only after this quarter.  Hence, we will review all the portfolio by October and revert for any changes.


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